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Eps 003 Gratitude Fever

Leopold Ajami – Ricardo Pinto

In tough times when things don’t seem to go our way, many thought leaders, influencers, and business gurus advise us to reflect on those little things for which we can be grateful.
Every day, we come across inspirational social media posts that invite us to “always look on the bright side of life” and “count our blessings.” But beyond the fuzzy, warm feeling that these ideas are meant to cause in us, have you ever stopped to reflect on whether this push for gratitude rests on a solid, rational foundation?

In this episode, we put the current trends of gratitude on trial, going beyond the metaphorical to evaluate the merits and low points of the “attitude of gratitude.” We explore those aspects of gratitude that appeal most to people, the real-life value of being grateful to others, and the hidden benefactors that the gratitude movement tends to leave forgotten and unrecognized.

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    01. Special thanks to our music composer Edmond Redd for giving our voices a melody to stand for.
    Edmond Redd

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