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Eps 002 Honesty Paradox

Leopold Ajami – Ricardo Pinto
Honesty is one of those virtues that everyone pays lips service to. From childhood, we are taught to tell the truth no matter what, as we are warned about the bad consequences that can result from being caught lying.
Despite this, we’ve all fantasized at least once about the possible benefits of getting away with a lie. What’s the worst that could happen by tweaking things a bit on your resume? Why not tell a white lie if that way you can avoid hurting others?

But is truth-telling all there is to honesty? Today, we survey common attitudes towards honesty and explore why lying seems so tempting from time to time. The core of our discussion centers on how we understand honesty as such: Maybe there’s something hidden behind honesty

what if everything we’ve been told about it is just wrong?

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    01. Special thanks to our music composer Edmond Redd for giving our voices a melody to stand for.
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