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Undisputed ideas feed on our indifference and fear of questioning.
But not in this court. Ideas on Trial is designed to finally confront them.

Join Leopold Ajami and Ricardo Pinto from the Novel Philosophy Academy, to explore uncontested ideas in the culture taken for granted for so long, so we can expand our intellectual potential and claim ownership of our lives.

Through the lens of philosophy, we examine those little ideas that feed most during our snoring-awakedness. Nope. Not the nap time. Snoring-awakedness is the state where you are fully awake, but your mind is unfocused and un-purposefully noisy.

We talk about ethics, life, creativity, choice, culture, happiness, business trends. Chameleons. Whatever fits in our courtroom. Purple elephants? Fits. Hulk? Smash fit. Parasites? Maybe.

We love ideas and we love how they affect our whole being. By understanding their meaning and watching their real-world consequences, we can claim the freedom to become the true undisputed champions of our own lives. But it’s not just about love.

Ideas on Trial is driven by justice. We deserve to live by the ideas that promote that dormant potential that we all have in our lives. Snoring is cool and is experienced best the moment you get interrupted by a vacuum cleaner.

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Each episode covers:

The Undisputed Idea.

What have we been taught to believe and how is that belief embedded in our lives?

The Hearing.

What habits, practices, and thought patterns have we adopted because of such a belief? Are they healthy or detrimental to our well-being?

The Scrutiny.

What are the merits and flaws of the undisputed idea? Is there another framework to approach and understand it?

The Finding.

What are the top lessons learned about this idea and how can we use our philosophical lens to navigate this area of life?
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